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Special guest teacher Sarah Durney Hatcher Ashtanga Yoga Workshop, 27th November 2021  8.30-11am

Re-invent, refine and explore the following yogic allies that support a successful and healthy, long-term ashtanga yoga practice: breath (ujjayi breathing), bandha (internal locks), vinyasa (breath movement system), dhyana (meditation), drishti (gazing points or places of focus), asana (posture) and mudra (internal seals).
We will begin our workshop with a discussion on these allies followed by a guided pranayama and meditation. The āsana portion of the workshop that follows will be a guided led Primary Series to Baddha Konasana (half-primary series). We will then venture into the Intermediate Series where we will study just the first seven postures that support the nervous system, strengthen our backs and legs, and which also complement the previous series of predominantly forward-bending postures.
This workshop will end with a short discussion on maintaining and cultivating a healthy, long-term yogic practice. Sarah’s teaching style invites you to pay attention to the breath and maintain a wellness throughout your body (samastiḥ integrity); Sarah offers verbal instruction with hands-on adjustments and often teaches through demonstration.
The cost for this in-person 2.5 h workshop is €35. All levels are welcome.

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Kino MacGregor Workshop, September 30 – October 2, 2022
(hosted by RionachYoga)


Through her workshops, books, videos and online yoga platform, OMStars, Kino has inspired many thousands of people worldwide to roll out the mat and begin a transformative yoga practice. Her unique, inspirational and playful approach helps students expand and deepen their understanding of yoga and life. This is a wonderful opportunity to practise with one of the world’s leading teachers. The workshop will be held in the Bray/Greystones, County Wicklow area (venue to be confirmed).

Early Bird Full workshop:            €285
Early Bird All Day (Saturday):      €130
Early Bird All Day (Sunday):        €120
Early Bird Single Module:             €70                    


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