Breathe: A fantastic Irish Yoga event that’s here to stay

Saturday, June 30th saw the first ever “Breathe” event, beautifully organised by Greg Walsh of Samadhi, Nikki Cousins and Peter O’Brien. The venue was wonderful and the schedule busy with free masterclasses from great teachers; stalls to browse, massages to indulge in, lectures to learn from and delicious food to keep us all going. A huge thanks is due to Greg, Nikki and Peter for devoting a whole heap of time and energy over the last year to creating a day where yoga enthusiasts of all different disciplines can meet up. Although the root of the word “yoga” is to “unite” or to “join”, the various factions of the Irish Yoga world rarely have the opportunity to mix, and on a day-to-day basis, it’s easy to end up only ever “mixing with your own kind”, so to speak. Now, thanks to Greg, Nikki and Peter, we have an event where all of the Irish yoga community can come together in a mutually supportive environment and celebrate our love of yoga (whatever our practice of choice may be). Breathe was such a fantastic success that next year’s event is already in the planning – congratulations again to all who helped make it happen.

The rain stayed away!

Samadhi & Friends
On the mats….
The Happy Pear
Beautiful “Be Natural” Skin Care
Natasha’s Living Foods – yum!
The outside practice space
Taking a break….
We were there!


Take a bow, Greg!