Goddess Yoga, for the Everyday Goddess in You!

A workshop with Áine Fortune

Saturday 8 July, 2pm – 5pm

Find your Inner Goddess by connecting with the Deep Feminine to encounter your own intuitive wisdom & creativity. This practice offers something for body, mind & spirit in the form of Somatic Movement, Yoga postures, breath-work, deep relaxation / mindfulness and creative activity to support hormone balance, menstrual & menopausal health, bone strength, pelvic alignment, flexibility, muscle tone and posture.

The theme for this Summer get-together is our elemental connection to Mother Earth. Can we be strong in our bones – rooted to the Earth but at the same time fluid enough to go with the flow of life? Have we enough fire in our belly to follow through with our passion and succeed in life? Can we be light enough in our hearts to allow love to flow through us? Come and have fun exploring the elements in you……

Facilitated by Áine Fortune – fully qualified, insured & experienced Yoga teacher and Somatic Exercise Coach with 1200+ accredited training hours. Cost: €30

Book this workshop directly with Áine:

Áine Fortune  085 192 5091 / /